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How to Play Solitaire With Real Cards


Many people have the idea that playing solitaire is impossible and that it doesn’t require any skill. Well, many of these people, like myself, are lucky to live in a world where it is still possible to learn how to play solitaire with real cards and to be able to do so successfully.

how to play solitaire with real cards

While it may be true that some of the cards can be quite difficult pieces of card, there are also many cards which are not difficult at all. For example, white, black, five and nine have enough depth to make playing solitaire a very enjoyable and realistic experience.

Here is a quick hint to you about how to play solitaire with real cards. What most people do is that they use several different cards which would be used to try to solve a puzzle. However, this is not a good idea, because when you are trying to solve a puzzle with the help of real cards, you need to use them in a very logical manner.

So what I would suggest to you is that you first try to solve the puzzle using your real cards, then use a set of regular solitaire cards. The real solitaire cards would be used to solve the puzzle while the regular solitaire cards would just be shuffled in between.

To do this, just read the rules and ask the dealer how many players will be seated before you go to start the game of solitaire. Then use the ordinary cards, but keep in mind that when you are playing solitaire, you don’t really use them in a particularly smart way.

When you are playing regular cards, take note that they have twelve suit symbols. They can be used for scoring purposes as well. However, when you are playing solitaire, you will use only the suit symbols.

Since you will only be using the suit symbols, you will find that the standard cards are usually too dense to handle. Therefore, you have to use the above mentioned special high density cards.

One thing that you need to consider when you use these cards is that some of them are made of gold. You can use them to replace the regular ones, if you wish. There are also high density cards which are made of silver, but since these are harder to handle, you will use only them.

Once you know how to play solitaire with real cards, you can also find ways on how to play solitaire with the help of high density cards. If you do, you will have a great experience when playing the game. Since these cards have three-digit numbers on them, you can easily adjust the deck to match the number of players you are playing with.

Besides, you won’t have to make use of all the regular cards because these cards are used to mark off points after a certain period of time. In addition, you won’t have to see or feel the number cards, so you will not have to look at them anymore.

With these things in mind, you now know how to play solitaire with real cards and without having to do all the legwork. If you want to see how it feels, just play with a friend who also likes to play solitaire and see how it feels.

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